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US-2009165597-A1: Apparatus and Methods for the Production of Metal Compounds patent, US-2009191777-A1: Stretch wovens with separated elastic yarn system patent, US-2009192007-A1: Casing Structure for Torque Transmission Device patent, US-2009244900-A1: Illuminating device and heat-dissipating structure thereof patent, US-2009251316-A1: Magnetic Proximity Sensor System And Associated Methods Of Sensing A Magnetic Field patent, US-2009271718-A1: Apparatus, method, and computer program product for characterizing user-defined areas patent, US-2009307534-A1: Storage device and performance measurement method for the same patent, US-2005061022-A1: Method and device for the rapid solidification of aqueous substances patent, US-2007137212-A1: Combustor nozzle patent, US-2008042086-A1: Solenoid Valve patent, US-2008319282-A1: Patient monitoring apparatus patent, US-2009163140-A1: Biochip electroporator and its use in multi-site, single-cell electroporation patent, US-2009182195-A1: Endoscopic guide system patent, US-2009245326-A1: Fluorescence temperature sensor patent, US-2010014523-A1: Providing Point To Point Communications Among Compute Nodes In A Global Combining Network Of A Parallel Computer patent, US-2005252908-A1: High performance defrosters for transparent panels patent, US-2005261811-A1: Method and device for ensuring the safety of a low-altitude flight of an aircraft patent, US-2008024871-A1: Optically multiplexed imaging systems and methods of operation patent, US-2010087860-A1: Spinous process fixation implant patent, US-2004171745-A1: Aqueous polyurearethanes dispersions using polyester glycol patent, US-2005082107-A1: Driver interface system for steer-by-wire system patent, US-2005084413-A1: Artificial flower with electric fan and a fragrance source patent, US-2005107067-A1: Method and system for carrying out verification processes with regard to authorization of use and/or payment processes via a mobile telephone terminal, as well as a mobile telephone terminal, an interrogation station, a control program for a mobile telephone terminal and a control program for an interrogations station patent, US-2006021333-A1: Particulate trap with electrostatic precipitator patent, US-2006139593-A1: Exposure apparatus, exposure method and device manufacturing method patent, US-2006155704-A1: Methods and systems for moving data using locks patent, US-2006218977-A1: Anti-theft device patent, US-2007208512-A1: Real-time plant health monitoring system patent, US-2008264517-A1: Device for Distribution of at Least One Granular Product in a Container Filling Device and Method for Filling Using Such a Device patent, US-2008295638-A1: Bicycle control device patent, US-2009267920-A1: System and method for generating a feedback signal in response to an input signal provided to an electronic device patent, US-2004038799-A1: Glass composition with low visible and IR transmission patent, US-2005107229-A1: Partially stabilized exercise device patent, US-2007081949-A1: Buccal drug delivery patent, US-2008046414-A1: Intelligent Storing and Retrieving in an Enterprise Data System patent, US-2008296801-A1: Conditioning Device For Plastic Items And Process patent, US-2009013730-A1: Laundry machine patent, US-2004182084-A1: Power cycle and system for utilizing moderate and low temperature heat sources patent, US-2007150007-A1: Non-linear electrode array patent, US-2008319020-A1: 4-Oxadiazolyl-Piperidine Compounds and Use Thereof patent, US-2009107577-A1: Method and Device for Filling Pressure Gas Containers patent, US-2004137071-A1: Nanocapsule encapsulation system and method patent, US-2004185781-A1: System and method for reducing phase noise patent, US-2006125141-A1: Method for continuously manufacturing anti-sliperry chopping boards patent, US-2008006368-A9: Process for applying a coating onto a surface of a lens substrate patent, US-2009104936-A1: Mobile phone for displaying hyperlinked information patent, US-2010073445-A1: Printer With Ink Pressure Regulator patent, US-2004177367-A1: Disk cartridge patent, US-2006032583-A1: Apparatus and method for fabricating bonded substrate patent, US-2008074496-A1: Video analytics for banking business process monitoring patent, US-2009003588-A1: Counter Sealing Archives of Electronic Seals patent, US-2010065761-A1: Adjustable deflection optics for ion implantation patent, US-2006096838-A1: Conveyor belt construction for a platen-type conveyor patent, US-2006188478-A1: Glycosylated interferon patent, US-2007133530-A1: Acknowledgement-based rerouting of multicast traffic patent, US-2009299254-A1: Compressive head dressings and associated methods patent, US-2004129378-A1: Dissolvable adhesive article patent, US-2006060348-A1: Tubing hanger with ball valve in production string patent, US-2006210613-A1: Therapeutic wound care product patent, US-2007009790-A1: Lightweight connectors for lead-acid storage batteries patent, US-2007098039-A1: Reusable, resettable, critical temperature indicator patent, US-2007156189-A1: Method and apparatus to control delivery of high-voltage and anti-tachy pacing therapy in an implantable medical device patent, US-2007186546-A1: Manifold mounted catalytic converter patent, US-2008053445-A1: Cardiopulminary resuscitation timer patent, US-2009260217-A1: Method of manufacturing coil assembly patent, US-2008239579-A1: Spring loaded head for reduced fly height and tracking control patent, US-2010026930-A1: Diffractive liquid crystal display patent, US-2010099329-A1: Novelty apparatus patent, US-2006136494-A1: Auto organization hierarchy traversal in email addressees patent, US-2007214445-A1: Element placement method and apparatus patent, US-2004220613-A1: Surgical instrument patent, US-2005138442-A1: Method and system for energy management in a simultaneous multi-threaded (SMT) processing system including per-thread device usage monitoring patent, US-2006190780-A1: High reliability memory module with a fault tolerant address and command bus patent, US-2007037110-A1: Device for correction of the form of dental alveolar arch patent, US-2007188325-A1: System and method for detecting, monitoring, tracking and identifying explosive materials patent, US-2008316694-A1: Latching mechanism and base casing of notebook computer using the same patent, US-2009114452-A1: Rock bit with a thermal insulating seal ring positioned in the seal gland patent, US-2009320976-A1: Perchlorate-free yellow signal flare composition patent, US-2006263792-A1: Use of CR1-binding molecules in clearance and induction of immune responses patent, US-2008172931-A1: Fuel composition patent, US-2005098529-A1: Plastic closure, closure and container package, and method of manufacture patent, US-2007117136-A1: Detection of microsatellite instability and its use in diagnosis of tumors patent, US-2007217946-A1: Carriers for Hypochlorous Acid Vapor patent, US-2009039258-A1: Scanning Electron Microscope And Method For Detecting An Image Using The Same patent, US-2009113167-A1: Data processing apparatus and method of processing data patent, US-2005004042-A1: Antibacterial compounds having a (pyrrole carboxamide)-(benzamide)-(imidazole carboxamide) motif patent, US-2005136368-A1: Gas burner assemblies, methods for assembling, and gas fired appliances employing same patent, US-2005158627-A1: Battery patent, US-2005278718-A1: System and method for web application extensibility patent, US-2006081380-A1: Collar locator for slick pump patent, US-2006075960-A1: Method for the preparation of a semiconductor substrate with a non-uniform distribution of stabilized oxygen precipitates patent, US-2006249213-A1: Plastic coated metal heater and water tube assembly patent, US-2006263703-A1: Pellicle Assembly Including a Molecular Sieve patent, US-2007217469-A1: Laser diode stack side-pumped solid state laser patent, US-2006204563-A1: Compositions and kits for the removal of irritating compounds from bodily surfaces patent, US-2009037012-A1: Method and system for scheduling a stream of products in a manufacturing environment by using process-specific wip limits patent, US-2009084395-A1: System for Highlighting Hair patent, US-2004036374-A1: Method of producing stator windings patent, US-2006092269-A1: Dynamically switched and static multiple video streams for a multimedia conference patent, US-2008183570-A1: Methods and apparatus to deflect callers to websites patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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